Red face dancing


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Hallo ,

Do's anyone experience this?
When dancing my face gets very red.

Its not that I'm ashamed ( well maybe nerves a little)
The redness is more my face getting warm.
Its noticeable in pictures. :redface:

Is there something that can be don about this?
Would it bother you when watching a dancer?



Remember to set your makeup to 'drag queen' rather than 'date night' and the red face won't be a problem. ;)


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yes, foundation and powder can probably help a bit. Are you doing high energy dancing while not being fit enough for it? Perhaps you could choose music that has a slower part in the middle or put to shorter pieces together to get a break in between.


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There is no foundation to really camouflage my shade of red.
Even the professional make-up artist didn't cover it up.

The strange thing is even in slow songs sometimes the red pops up.
passing my self helps some what .

( I do also experience red skin in other situations.
Like around a itchy scarf it looks like some one tried to strangle me.)


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Go see a dermatologist; you may have rosacea. That's the reason my skin flushes easily. I use a topical antibiotic for outbreaks and it works quite well though there is no cure for the disorder.
red face dancing

Hi Mithra I have the same problem, I overheat easily( and don't sweat enough) , and sometimes medications make it worse. try drinking some cold water before dancing, it helps a little gives you something to sweat out. Don't know if it bothers audience but it does bother me. Creaks


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I get it too - I go red very easily - and stay that way sometimes for an hour. I'm not out of breath or particuarly hot - I just go red.

For performance I use a very heavy liquid foundation with a touch of green in it. From this base I then build a face - colour and shading.


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Me too. I'm not as fit as I could be, but I wonder if stress is a factor for me. I always feel more prone to it when I've had a hectic day at work.


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I have wonder if stress is a factor in this.

Dancing in group I don't get as red..
Solo , I get red almost as i get on stage.
Precedent a new piece to my teacher for the upcoming Show , it was just the 2 of us , still got tomato red :(

I will look in to foundation that has a green undertone.
I'm just not so good at painting a face back on jet ;)




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I do the same. I also go really blank and let my nerves take over.

The only way I battle through is to keep dancing in front of people. Choose really easy choregraphs and battle through it.
I still have the nerves but you can't see them anymore. Now I need to put more expression into my dancing!!

Another thing my teachers taught me is to find something to gaze at, not a person but an object and don't actually look at the audience, but it looks like you are looking at the audience. That may not always work especially when you are dancing in close, but it helped me heaps!!


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My checks get red for no reason, I'm not nervous it just happens. I don't even need to put blush on cause of it. Usually goes away but I think I'm just conditioned to have that happen when I put makeup on.
red faced dancing

Another thing about red-faced dancing, sometimes when my face gets overheated, my eyelids get red and swollen, my dr thought it was the salt from the perspiration that was irritating the eyelid and recommend that a very thin film of over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream would help with that. It works so I put it on first, then moisturizer then eye shadow.... :dance: no more swollen itchy eyelids. Creaks


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My face gets red if it's too hot, too cold, or during any type of exercise. Got it from my mom I think. I suppose I could google it to find out why it happens, and if there's a solution. It'd benefit both of us as I get so self-conscious from it.


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Something I found:
"I've had this issue my whole life! When I was in elementary school I got sent home after lunch-time recess a number of times because my face would be so red/hot that the school nurse said I had a fever and sent me home. I was embarassed all through middle school/high school sports as it seemed I was the only one who had this issue and thought it meant I was out of shape. While running XC in college the NCAA doctor verified that there was in fact nothing wrong with me, that everyone's body handles the heat and blood flow from exercise differently and some people sweat profusely, some hardly at all, and some turn beet red :)"

Also sometimes your body sends blood vessels to the surface to regulate tempature.


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This is kinda left field but...

Is it possible you are holding your breath?

I have problems with flushing red also but it is much worse when I forget to breath with the dance.