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So our troupe got asked to participate in the first local ren faire early last year. After many meeting, fussing and a lot of confusion, we managed to pull together a group made up of a few troupe members, a couple of my beginners and a couple of my intermediate gals to perform. They all jumped in with a ton of enthusiasim and comittment to rehersals outside of classes. I couldn't have been prouder of them. They came through, for what was in all honesty my pet project, leaps and bounds above what was asked of them.
We had a ball! It was a first for all of us. I have done faires as part of a court in the past but never as a dancer. Hubby and I had a pavilon for us to use as home base during the day that proved to be the popular draw for everyone ot come hang out by. The fact we never stopped dancing probably had something to do with it...LOL.
A local photographer took quite a few photos on Friday and Saturday. Hubby and kiddo took 2,799 photos on Saturday and Sunday, another gals' hubby took around 200 on Friday and Sunday. Needless to say picking photos to share isn't easy...LOL.
Here's the link to the photographers photos, Gene Doten Photography :: 2007 Renaissance Faire
and if I do this right there will be a couple of the photos hubby took as well.


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I love the idea of Renaissance Faires. We don't have them in the UK - I must visit one next time I am in the US. Anyone know how, why and where they started?

Thanks for sharing the photos.



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Great photos Viv, and seems from them that you had a great time :D
Seems a very healthy and family type event and I dont know nothing about Renaissance Faires.
So if someones know more pls share with us that dont have them in our country :(

Bravo again Viv:clap:

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Not saying they don't have them in Alabama, 'cause I have a habit of letting events get by without knowing about them, but I don't really know anything about them either, not aware of any happening in this little part of the country...


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Since everyone is asking :D
Renaissance Faires are festivals with a middle ages/renaissance time period theme. Often they have the hollywood fantasy element to them too. Typically a faire will have entertainment, food and lots of vendors selling handmade and manufactured crafts, jewelery, clothing and such all with a "medieval" theme. Things like fantasy puppets, wooden toys, weapons, armor, lots of celtic and fantasy inspired jewelery, musical instuments, candles, mediveal/gyspy get the idea.
The entertainment is tyically free with your admission to a faire and performers get paid in tips after each show, the old pass the hat or basket idea. You'll usually find comic acts, musical acts, dancers, magic acts, often an animal act or two and in many cases staged sword fights or jousting.
At some faires you find demonstrations of actual crafts done during the time period the faire covers such as weaving, spinning wool (from sheep they know personally...sorry bad medievalist joke there :p), blowing glass, pottery that sort of thing.
Some people dress up to attend in anything from actual reproductions of historical garments to the cheesey costume they bought at Halloween. You don't have to dress up to go to a faire, but I can tell you from past experience, if you do and you do it well, you end up in a lot of photos poseing with other guests of the faire who have no clue you aren't part of the cast.
Faires are a lot of fun. A very old joke about them is all the fun of the renaissance with none of the plauge. The one in Phoenix has been running since the late 80's and I have only missed a couple of years of going to it. In fact we're planning on going up there this weekend. The one here in town was only a weekend thing, but the gentleman who started it all is hoping it will grow over the years like the Phoenix one has. Judging by local responce including letters to the newspaper editor about how they dropped the ball in thier rather lackluster coverage of the faire, I would say he's off to a good start. We were tickled to be part of it all. I'll post more pictures in the photo gallery as soon as I can re-size them.


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Renfaires are SO much fun! The Michigan RenFest runs every weekend from mid-August to early October. 2006 Michigan Renaissance Festival I've only been a few times, but look forward to going again this year. I went dressed as a wench twice last year, and it's so much more fun than going in regular street clothes.

You have to be careful though at some of the performances not to sit too close to the stage or appear to be enjoying the show too, TOO much.... last time we went my boyfriend got pulled up on stage to dance an Irish jig with a Celtic band. :lol: LOL!!