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If you had to pick one dancer as representative of belly dance in your country today, who would it be?


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for egyptian :caroline afifi
for tribal: liz jarrett :clap:

Ditto one takes it more seriously, is more dedicated yet exudes more joy when she dances

Thanks for the compliment but Me no way .. My spirit is willing but the flesh....

I think you'd go a long way to see better than Donna Gardner for pure inspirational "trad" tribal.I assume Rashani who are the ones I'd pick for a "British" troupe are no more but Wendy was of course "on loan" from across the pond(and Irish sea) and Diedre is deserting us for the US also. If anyone can carry a tribal lantern it's Donna and the others.

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Gosh that is a hard one for me. I don't know enough about the dancers in other States. But I love Melusina from Underbelly here in Melbourne, and she is immensely popular here in Victoria & in our other States from what I have heard.

I have seen venues full of people in complete jaw dropping silence watching her dance. But the Ranya Renee's, Caroline Afifi's & Kashmir's of Australia I have yet to find.

One of my own teacher's Mya, would be the closest to the 3 names above as a classical/traditionalist style of dancer but she is not interested in becoming a national 'star'. All of us who know Mya watch her in total awe, personally I believe she would stand very tall amongst the world's best if she choose. I wish everyone could see her dance and you would know what I mean.
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It is very difficult to choose just one (we've got a small country but plenty of good dancers :dance:)

So, if I may, here are two dancers I adore and am currently taking classes from.


and Kaidi Udris (actually also appears on the boards here every now and then)


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You mean representitive of the average, or you mean like the best dancer in the country?
Maybe "representative" was the wrong word. "Characteristic"? no, that's not quite right either. Okay, if you had only a few minutes to present dancers in you neck of the wood, who would you mention? Who must a neophyte have heard of?