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We need the BOB for this, no the belly dance police:
Aagh... are those Mardi Gras beads?

Not exactly an UBDC, more of an unfortunate choice - a megastar like Fifi Abdo should not look like one of my mom's friends, I think - this number is not only kind of tacky, it's not exactly flattering her shape: dance arabic rak raq egytian Fifi Abdo


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Selkie said:
BDPD... We work so hard to convince people that our dance is not just prancing around in our underwear and what does she go and do? First thing I thought was "what's this, a make-shift stripper who can't afford a costume?" Ye gods
That's why we have BDPD and BOB ofcourse lol :D

That girl does look an awful lot like a stripper. Maybe she IS one irl:rolleyes:
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:eek: Sorry Amulya I didn't know...
Stupid girl... even more stupid she didn't even change te comment of the pictures.


Moon, that's not your fault, you don't have to be sorry;) . I emailed her, asking if she could change it a bit. I took that page of my website because I got too much negative feedback (my coments were just too mean I think), and now it is on hers people might still connect it to me.


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Tja, I've read (toevallig) some topics on Tribe about your UBDC site :cool: Either they are jealous or they are the ones actually wearing those costumes and don't like the negative publicity :p


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I started thinking that was YOUR page Amulya, I knew for sure when I got to the "target costumes" page..:eek: It also says at the bottom of the page that it was taken from your site...:confused:

That's just rude.. How 'bout asking if she could use it first:mad:


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"Interesting" Costumes on Ebay

Here are some "interesting" costumes I found on ebay....

More cutouts:

McDonald's or the circus?:

NOT shimmy-proof (could you imagine everything flopping around???):

Is that a bull on the skirt?:

Neon and lace:

She has no pants on! Guess they didn't realize it's a scarf, not a skirt:

And she's not wearing any either! Can't understand why they don't have something on underneath:

Gone fishing:

Luke, I am your bellydancing mother:

I was on ebay a few weeks ago and saw a woman modeling a coin bra COVER that she had made. Only thing was, she forgot to put the bra on underneath to cover!!! Yep, she was completely nude underneath and there were good sized spaces between the coins. There was NOTHING left to the imagination. I can't find the picture now, or I would have posted it as well.


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I want to buy that McDonald's dress and perform at McDonalds ;) I'm still a beginner, but that might be the finishing touch!

Did you read the comment under the starwars mask??? "To Learn More about Our authentic Belly Dance Costumes & accessories..."
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i am scared now!

hi guys...
your making me a bit nervous, on my site i think i have some dummys showing a bit too much:eek: i will have to tone down my pictures or the sex police might get me (scared!)
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