Review, Chryssanthi's Sahar, zill workshop, Athens


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And just when after years I was convinced that I have dead fingers, they started to move !!!!
Horayyyyyyyy for Chryssanthi !!!!
She tought us how to play arabian style zills with such an easy and clever way, that we all got into it.
Now we need practice, practice for our second level workshop on January 2007.
We learned the dancing way for it, plus 4 more rythmes.
We had a great group of people in the workshop and I thank them all for the great atmosfaire that we had.
Photos and yesssssss a small video !!!!


Aisha Azar

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Dear Aya,
I like Chryssanthi and am so happy that you two have met and worked together now! I hope the event was a huge success.


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And wait to see her dancing, I'm sure it will bring old time images in mind.
This was the second workshop I organized for Chryssanthi, the first one was 1 year ago, arabian rythms and stacture of the arabian routine (needless to say that at that point no one understood it, just to get the level of oriental dance in Greece :( )
The last workshop was a huge success, all the students were asking to continue the next day, but Chryssanthi told us better to work and practice on the things we learned and when she come back on January we will continue with more compinations for playing zills :D

p.s. we were together vacations, what can I say, Chryssanthi was dancing for hours and me and the youngest dancers were on floor just claping lol
Also being vacations for 2 weeks with her, I had the oportunity to learn learn from every conversation, after all a 20 year carrier with her own arabian orchestra is a treasure for all students. (eternal student here:))

Maria Aya:)

chryssanthi sahar

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Maria dear,
thank you so much for your nice words and especially thank you for being such a good friend and so eager for knowledge:) . And of course thank you very much for organizing the workshop;)
I enjoyed very much teaching this group of wonderful ladies. I had much fun and I hope to see everybody in the next workshop in January again:)
And I really enjoyed our holiday on Crete and our crazy bouzoukia night with Nikos Malek. We should realize our plans with the dance trip and let also other friends of this forum participate such a great holiday on Crete;)