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If i'm dead? well almost lol
If i'm gonna be objective over here? nope lol
Serkan is such a sweet gentle person that anyone that knows him cant be objective.
He gave 2 workshops in Athens, first day "Crazy Veils" teqnics, at the end we did also 3 choreos !!!!
Second day was Turkish Gypsy Rom !!!! it was just amazing !!!
For me that i'm a pure arab dancer, and till now I only listened to arabic music, was an apocalipsis, from that day i only listen to the cd of the turkish gypsy rom songs and i'm just so high that i feel like flying lol (yes i'm a nutcase dont wonder lol)
This was the second time I organized workshop for Serkan, since we had many people asking him back.
Thank God I managed to use (teqnickfreak here) my video cam and uploaded 2 small videos on youtube :D
As the students said: WE WANT HIM BACK NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Aya :D

We dont wonder why Serkan is in the finals for Oasis Brandon !!!! :D
If you wanna vote for him, almost last dates (close at 28 October)
send e-mail at Voting for "Serkan October 2006, Oasis Brandon)
and check the site to see the rest :

p.s. plssssss help, just tryed to upload the choreo and youtube doesnt allow it, its bigger than 100mb, how can i reduce the size of the archive?
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chryssanthi sahar

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I was lucky to be in Athens for the CID congress the week Serkan gave his workshops. So I went some days earlier to Greece in order to visit the Turkish Rom Gypsy Workshop. I really loved it:) I feel connected to this music anyway, because of my grandparents who were Greeks from Asia Minor (Black Sea) and I know how to dance 9/8 rhythms the Greek way, but it was such a great experience to learn how to dance it also the Turkish Gypsy way. And, Maria is right, Serkan is a really sweet person and great teacher.
Serkan Arkadash, I hope you read this posting. Thank you very much for the great workshop and I hope to see you soon and work together with you:)