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"The Veiled Male"
Telephone SPAM is easy to deal with - if I'm not expecting a call and its an unknown number, I just don't answer the damn thing. If I'm even aware of it ringing - I usually check it a day or so later and see the unanswered unknown numbers in my call log. Email SPAM is another thing altogether - I've been fighting it for decades now. Multi pronged approach, generally works pretty well until "they" come up with something new, then I have to block that. I remember when email SPAM was "suddenly" a thing - one February many years back it just started out of the blue. One of my co-workers was so pissed that he tracked down the owner of one of the SPAM domains, called him at 0300 local and reamed him a new one. That wouldn't be possible today. Same thing happened with texting. About 4 years ago, I "suddenly" started getting SPAM texts. As I told my wife, "I'm not paying for this...", and turned off texting altogether and pocketed the $2.50/mo as I seldom used texting anyway. *shrug*

The worst has been contact form SPAM from my website. It was a CONSTANT battle and I was losing it. I put my website behind Cloudflare and I haven't had a single incidence of contact form SPAM since. Plus it lets me block all sorts of things, like *.ru domains and anything else I want to configure. I've had a mechanism to reject facesuck links since about 2004 which worked pretty well, but Cloudflare lets me block all incoming traffic from any site I choose, and that works even better! And its free!