Salome is selling her Sim Moda Evi's + more


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Red Sim Moda Evi

This red costume is the one I am pictured in on this very forum in the upper left of the web design. This is Ismail’s design and he made it to my spec’s. I have truly enjoyed this costume. I have NEVER, not one time, lost a single sequin, bead or stone. Not one. And I have performed plenty in this number. I never owned a costume as sturdy as this one. It has a full performance life ahead of it.

Comes with 6 pieces : headband, sleeves, circular veil, skirt, bra and belt.

The bra cup is a b cup. But it does have padding under the lining, if removed would work for a C cup. It has a halter close on the top. Closes by hook so it can be closed looser or tighter to fit you. The top of the bra has wire so you can shape it to your cleavage, holds it’s form. This is nice to avoid quad boob’s. It is a 34” around but because of the stretch in the back straps you could easily buy another 2 inches, maybe more. If you are smaller around, obviously you can tighten it up by closing strap over strap.

The top hip line on the belt is 33”. You can buy an extra 2 inches by closing it on the front differently (end to end). Like the bra, this has stretch so you have wiggle room.

The lining is spandex on bra/belt and there is give so if your measurements match approximately you should be fine. The skirt is two tiers and 36” long. Aside from freshening up the lining, this thing is ready to put on and rock and roll. I paid big bucks new… Asking $500 OBO.

Purple Sim Moda Evi

This is my design and Ismail made it custom for me. I wanted something very sleek, contemporary, with a little bit of edge. When you look at it ‘not in action’ it’s not totally arresting. BUT on stage, it takes on a life of its own and is smoking hot!

It is like freaking brand new! The whole thing, the lining, everything is immaculate, like I got it when it came from Sim Moda Evi.

Comes with 6 pieces: headband, choker, circular veil, skirt, bra and belt.

The bra is a b cup. There is padding under the lining, could be removed to gain more space. Small C. 33” around. A little give but not a lot. You need to be about 32” or 34” or smaller. Wire in the bra and belt like the red sim.

The top hip line on the belt is 34”. Again, not much give so you need to be about that size. Skirt is 36” with elastic hip band.

Asking $550 OBO

I would rather get cash but I might consider trade for comparable quality for my red or purple. It would need to be a full costume by a good designer, in excellent condition.

Turkish Bra/Belt

This is a costume I bought off the rack, a long time ago and have been reluctant to let go of. I have worn it here and there over the years. But really it has had limited use. It is in excellent condition. All the beads and sequins present and accounted for. This is a mass produced piece, not a designer. I would not expect it to hold up like a Sim but it IS well made and should go to someone who will get more use out of it.

Comes with just bra and belt. The bra is a C cup with 36” around. The belt, like most Turkish sets, come in two pieces. The front and back are 20 inches each. So you can set it to your size and sew one side together.. As I did. It will fit up to 40”. I am asking $90.00

I take paypal. I will charge you the exact amount for shipping. So give me your zip code and I will take the costume to the Post office, have it weighed and calculated to your zip. Thanks for looking, let me know if you have questions.


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That red costume is unbelievable! I love it, but don't think I'll be performing as much anymore, so will just lurk and live vicariously through whoever buys it.


I hope someone picks it up, it IS an amazing costume. Not bragging, just saying ;0) I will wheel and deal a little too... If someone likes it, hit me up.

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I hope someone picks it up, it IS an amazing costume. Not bragging, just saying ;0) I will wheel and deal a little too... If someone likes it, hit me up.
How tall are you, if it's okay to ask?

EDIT: Oh, wait, never mond...
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Ahhh! Red my weakness.

I love, love, love that red! I wish I had money cuz that one would be in my closet today if I did, but I'm so poor I don't even have a penny to pinch. :( lol but it is gorgeous!

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I finally found the Market Place on my iPhone, for some reason, it's now collapsed. :confused:

Salome, pleeeeeeeease don't sell your red costume! :pray: You look so marvelous in it, and I just can't imagine it on anyone else! :( It's like your forum "mascot"! :(

WOW, I never thought I'd EVER say "don't sell your costume" to anyone... :confused:


I love the red one, amazing beadwork! Sadly the bra is too small for me. I agree with Farasha: don't sell it, it's too amazing!