Same song, different choreography?


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Hi all, when reading that some of you do perform quite often, I started to wonder, do you choose a new song everytime, or do you sometimes make a different choreography on a song you have used before?
I only performed once, but if I hear that particular song again, I can't really think of something different to do with it then that choreography we practiced so often.
Do you also have trouble to dance differently on a song you have used for a performance, or do you have some tricks to "forget a choreography" (instead of remembering it, lol)?


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I'm going to answer from my point of view. I dance as part of a troupe where I dance couple of solos at every show. Everytime we dance in a group number, it's a choreo that never change. Every time I dance any of my solos, I do it in a pseudo-choreography: parts of the songs are a choreo; parts, improv. I think of my solos as work in progress. If I think something has to be changed I change it. Usually is not a big change, but I do practice my solos as much as I can. For me it's really difficult to forget a choreo and start from scratch. I usually don't even try it.

Since I dance in a troupe I can't dance all my numbers at every show so I decide which song or songs (sometimes I can dance two numbers) I'm going to dance that day. I don't mind to dance the same number three or four times in a row. That happens too with the troupe numbers. I suppose that the longer I dance, the larger my numbers will be and I expect to be able to vary and individual performance.

As for the moment, if I dance in solo performance (a 15 to 20 minutes show), I sometimes the group choreos and hardly ever change anything. Forgetting an old choreo it's not as easy as it seems. Maybe people with more experience call tell us if they do it.


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Hi all. When I perform with a group I am trying to do wxactly the same things, but when I am performing alone,well to be honest I often forget. So sometimes I am improvizingand hopeing that I will be able to dance corectly withe the group. Alaya
Hi, my method is similar to Fatima's as I perform with troupe and solo work.
My original choreographies have changed over time, as I add or remove certain movements. i've moved toward less choreographed routines so they are mostly improv. I do have one song that I like "Ice Queen" by Paul Dinletir, in which I dance with a veil, Isis wings and typical raks sharki style. Just depends on how I feel when I hear the music.