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Egyptian music for belly dancers straight from Mohammed Ali Street

Zar – Trance Dancing for Women
Cry to the Moon – Taqsim Egyptian style
Dancing with Genies – music for 2 complete Egyptian cabaret shows
Pulse of the Sphinx – drum solos by the Henkesh Brothers
Ala Mahlik – Egyptian beladi songs by Hoda Sinbati, one of Dina’s beladi singers
Cymbals Speak: Vol 1 + 2 Learn how to play finger cymbals
Vol 1: Zill Speak with Artemis Mourat
Vol 2: Sagat Speak with Yasmin Henkesh
Cairo Blue – Egyptian Jazz
NEW RELEASE: Pulse of the Sphinx Vol 2: Rhythm Drills – 25 rhythms every belly dancer should know

All of these albums were recorded in Egypt with the exception of the Finger Cymbal instructional set. They can be purchased on Amazon, CD Baby and CD Baby has 30 second clips to listen to.
Example: The Henkesh Brothers | Dancing with Genies | CD Baby

Francevision also carries professional, premium grade sagat. We also distribute Leila in Egypt's 4 albums:
Tarab [New Release]
Om al-Dunya
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