Saroyan coins

Enjoy collecting Saroyan coins for vintage style costumes. Arabesque, three muses, Grecian goddess, Nefertiti, solder, and rainbow coins are the ones I know about. Are there others?
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Continuous searching on ebay, Etsy, shopgoodwill online, thrift stores, and flea markets. 99.9% of the time the hunt comes up empty. But then, someone retires, or they're selling their mother's stash (my favorite). It's enough to make me smile. :love:
Wow! Price increased to over $200 over night. One of those situations where "buy it now" might have saved money in the long run.
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"The Veiled Male"
Good ol' Artemis Imports! I knew the original Artemis, in fact, I took a coaching session with her once, and shared the stage with her many times. She was FANTASTIC.