Saudi Dress...


"The Veiled Male"
I could almost write a book about this thing and its creation, but to keep it very short:

My Saudi Dress, now complete sans bottom hem, arrived from California today:



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Actually, I'd like to read a few chapters and perhaps see a photo of the dress on you. Hard to tell much about it in the photo above. I like the colors and materials.


"The Veiled Male"
The short version is:

My teacher in California is/was going to have us do a Zar routine. So she got us all fabric, and we stitched together the base dress.

Life intervened (family issues) so the Zar was delayed. In the meantime, another teacher had shown me an old - and I mean OLD - caftan that was literally rotting apart, but had some really cool trim on it. Probably pushing 100 years old if it was a day. We came to an agreement, she would remove the trim, stabilize it, and decorate the dress with it.

Then I moved to Florida, leaving the dress behind.

New teacher here in Florida says "We're gonna do a Zar routine!". So the dress got finished - eventually, and it showed up here in Florida just yesterday. Along with one of my vests that I had TOTALLY forgotten that I'd loaned to the gal in Cali when she was making another vest for me awhile back - I had gone NUTS looking for the missing vest here in Florida!

Now I just gotta hem the bottom - the appliques came out GREAT and should last another 100 years. Pix of it on when I "get there", this kind of dress is VERY baggy, being more like a tunic with huge sleeve cutouts more than anything else. Not sure what we're wearing at the hips, Florida teacher is leaning towards mozunas and I forget what the California teacher was going to use, if anything. I'll have to ask her...


"The Veiled Male"
Ok, here it is "on". No makeup, no hair, no contacts, wrong jewelry, no hip wrap, and TOTALLY wrong color worn underneath:


I'm told this is also known as a "Thobe". I'd heard the term before, but didn't know what it referred to...
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Isn't it amazing the difference hair, makeup, etc makes? (Not to mention you shaved?)

Love the dress! It should look amazing in your performance. :)