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These are the english translation only (cant find the arabian sound lyrics:( )

Hope its the song you look for:

Hawa Bairut (The love of Beirut)

They put up road-blocks
they dimmed all the signs
they planted cannons
they mined the squares
where are you love
after you we became
the love that screams
we became the distances.

For the happy days we longed
the days of staying up on the road
the long walks
the rendezvous at the old restaurant.

O love of Beirut
O love of days
They will come back Beirut
the days will come back.

It is the second summer
the moon is broken
is it true you may forget me
my defeated love
I went back to my house
my house I didn't find
only smoke and twisted beams
no rose and no fence.

p.s. Just love this song


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Here is the Arabian sound lyrics ; )


Sakro El Shawaree , Atemo El Sharat
Zaraooo El Madafeea , Gamro El Sahat
Winak ya Habiby , Baadak ya Habibiy
Serna El Hoob El Sareekh , Serna El Masafat

Eshta2na Lil Ayam El Saeeda
Ayam El Saha Ala El Tareek
Agaka Seer We Mashaweer Beedaa
We Netlaka Bel Mataam El Ateek

Ya Hawa Birut , Ya Hawa El Ayam
Tergaa Ya Birut , Tergaa El Ayam
Aga El Seef El Sany , W Al Kamar Maksoor
Akolak Rah Tensany , Ya Hoby El Makahoor
Reget Ala Beety , Ma Laetoo Beety
Dokhan W Zawaia , La Warda La Soor

Am Beroho Msl Rfof El Shenon
Taht Negom El Lail Mosharden
Aolak Wen El Asahab Wen Ykono
Wen Ykon El dam Wel Hanen


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hawa beirut arabic lyrics

hello im doing a project for school and i need the arabic lyrics for the Fariuz song Hawa Beirut.. so far i've only seen the english translation and the arabian sound lyrics.. does anybody have the arabic lyrics or could type it out and post it please? it'd be a great help.. thks..
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