Seeking Turkish translation - Dere Geliyor


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Can anyone help me out with a translation to the verses to the Turkish 9/8 Dere Geliyor? I already have translations for the first two verses, but the song has a lot more than 2 verses and I'd like to know what the rest are saying.

Here is a link to a page that lists a bunch of verses in Turkish - can anyone help me out with translations for verses 3 through 7?


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So, now that we're rid of the spammer (at least, for now)...

Anybody got a translation for the lyrics to this song?
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I tried to translate:

river is coming, river
by spreading over its sand
river, get me and take
to the place that my dear lives

i bited the pear
i made silver its handle
i cultivated my dear's name
to my hanky

pears are on the branch, one two
count and look, they are twelve
in the twelve
the first one is mine

the grass is not cutted slim
the muddy water is not drunk
the people says "give up your dear"
she is sweet, is not given up

the water comes and brings sands
it enlarges the grasses
your beutiful eyes
makes the dumb taklative

the water flows like a reed
it becomes clear like silver
i love my dear
like out-of season vegetable

a peach on the water
the summer is finished
next to the river
i made my evening worship