Selling two beautiful costumes! Purple and Blue.

Hi Ladies,

Here's 2 costumes that I made and finally decided to sell them.

1. Purple with coins.

Coins are very good quality, you have to try hard to bend them. It gives costume quite of weight. A lot of beading work. Only worn 5 times and absolutely no beading or coins missing. Best quality Swarovski AB crystals.
I will change lining before shipping so you get fresh and clean costume.
It's small size.

Bra size: A - with padding, B - no padding. V-6 1/2", H-6 1/2", D - 7 1/2". Straps around the neck - 16" to 17". Around chest - 27" to 29".
Belt size: Upper hip - 32 1/2"-34". Lower hip - 36"-38".
Skirt 36" long. Has 2 layers, chiffon like fabric. Reversible. I like to wear it light purple out but you can also do with dark purple outside. 2 slits on the front.

Costume comes with wrist bands - 6" around wrist. And necklace - 17" long.

And this is the second costume.

2. Blue Flowers

Beautiful costume! Tons of AB crystals, very shiny! Rhinestone chain goes along the edges of every flower and 10 ss crystal between the flowers. Costume is very soft and light weight, only worn 4 times. In excellent condition, not even 1 rhinestone ever fell of, never had to fix anything in this costume, all the beading and rhinestones are original ones.
I will change the lining and it will look and feel like brand new.

Bra size: A - with a lot of padding (I'm A myself. Had to fill it with padding and use fashion tape. Will fit better on someone with bigger size). B and small C - with no padding. V - 7 1/2", H - 7 1/2", D - 8 1/2".
Straps around the neck 17" to 21 1/2". Around the chest - .26" to 31".
Bra has chain going around the body, it's 28 1/2" long.
Belt size: Upper hip - 32" to 34". Lower hip - 33" - 35".
Skirt is 35" long.