Shakira at the VMA's


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Apparently the guy who chereo'd it, does a lot of Bollywood things. I'll see if I can find out his name/website. I love Indian dancing. :)


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Heyas, that's obviously Shakira at the VMA's, well not the first person, cause that's The Rock.

I thought she looked amazing, and I liked the Indian theme to it too. Just thought I'd share it for those that haven't seen it. :)

I really like her and think she's an amazingly talented performer, song and dance.

It's interesting that even though she's not a "Belly Dancer" per se she has created interest in the movement - on another board that I visit I saw people asking "how does she do that" about the hip movement and sure enough a discussion from some actual Belly Dancers followed - I think this is a good thing :D


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Love it Sara, and thanks for posting the link!

The choreography for the back up dancers wasn't that interesting to me, I wanted more closeups of Shakira. At least those girls got some work, hopefully at SAG scale.

I think Shakira's movement is very strong, keeps it simple, and very earthy- she actually reminded me more of Suhaila in this video than in any other I've seen- very grounded.

Shakira does more to expose more people to belly dance in 4 minutes than we do in all our many hours of ranting here on I must consider this...


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Thanks Shakira. :)

My Indian friends really liked the beginning of it, thought it was 'funky'. :)

I like Shakira, but I thought that this song could have more Spanish dancings in it, cause the back tune sounded spanishy.


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Even Though I am haveing a little bit enaf this song, I love all Farah Khan choreos. She is briliant. Iagrea with Sara the back tune is spanish, so it could have a little bit more spanish dancing. The dancing was great enyway. love it. Alaya