Share your favorite hairstyles and accessories


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I love the things dancers do with their hair and hair accessories.

Does anyone have pictures of their favorite hairstyles? How about instructions/tips/tricks on achieving the look? What are your favorite hair accessories?


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I rarely wear hair accessories, unless it is part of a specific costume (for example, for a dance with mileya). Generally I just make my hair curly or wavy, you know, to go for the "what is expected of a typical bellydancer" :p, but when I dance more modern stuff, I also like to experiment... For example, we did a troupe performance at the Stockholm Bellydance Festival last year, and we all had our hair in asymmetrical braided buns, and we got really great feedback on it (400689_10151477883598542_1484522115_n.jpg)


Some of my costumes came with hair pieces (Bella's often come with a matching hair band), then I wear that with an extra flower and my hair down


I usually make headbands and armbands for my costumes since they don't take much effort or fabric to do. Usually. Sometimes I don't have enough fabric to do it all, but a headband takes next to no fabric to make & it just finishes off a costume so nicely!