Should they charge that much?


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Hello! I recently came across this book: Belly Dance Book

Honestly I would LOVE to get it, it looks fantastic. The pictures, the quotes. It would be a lovely addition to my collection of books. But $70? And an extra $28 for shipping over seas? It is in Canadian dollars I am guessing but that is £61 (GBP) for this book. It seems way too much. Even my massive book on Dinosaurs didn't cost that much and it was huge! It had life size pictures!

Is it me or does that seem extortionate?


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I also would love to have it, but am not prepared to pay that much for a book with the added postage it becomes way too expensive. I saw it advertised quite sometime back. I suppose the fact it has taken 10 years to get it together and it is a glossy book, so that makes it more expensive to produce, so it is probably a fair price, and it comes down to what someone is prepared to pay in the end.


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I don't think it is an unreasonable price for what is most likely a limited-run art book. Unlike most books available int he big bookstores, many belly dance books are published for very limited runs and only available in certain markets. They are unable to bring the costs down by using volume sales, so the prices are usually higher.

Whether the price is worth it to any individual is something that no one else can say, but it is definitely within the realm of pricing for other similar types of specialty niche-market books.


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As I understand it - it is a nice book of photographs. If that is what you want - then - yes - a short run book with lots of good colour photos will cost a lot to produce. If you want it you have to pay for it.

Personally I'd rather spend the money on several private lessons.


If they had indicated in the sneak peek that they'd included some of the very talented guys who dance in there, and if they hadn't implied heavily that it was a women only/goddess dance, then yes, I'd pay $70 for a nice bellydance-themed coffee table book. I've been looking for one!