Silk Veils for Belly Dancers

Farasha Hanem

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Bah...they don't ship to canada :'(
:( I'm sorry, Diana! Is there one you see that you really like? If you want, you can order it and have it sent to my address, then I'll put it in a bigger envelope addressd to you, and I'll be happy to pay shipping and handling. No strings, no worries, and no paying me back, okay? It always makes me sad when a bellydancer wants a silk veil but can't get one because of one thing or another. I helped another friend last year when she wanted to order a silk veil but couldn't because she couldn't access her PayPal account. Let me know. *hugshugs*


:think: I bought directly from them once before (not through ebay) and shipping to Europe was no problem. I can see they have updated their webpage Silk Veils since I bought anything from them, but do visit them and ask.
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