Slight hiccup on sign-in

Just a small problem but an irritating one.

For the last month or so, every time I sign in, I get the message "Invalid Redirect URL", and I have to hit the Back button in my browser to get into the forums.
Clear your cookies, you may have an old url lying around. Also go directly to to the forum changed servers some weeks back & the redirect URL may have expired.
My cookies clear automatically every time I close my browser.

Also the problem isn't when I first arrive at the site. I do go directly to and I get here fine, and can browse around no problem.

The problem occurs AFTER I log in. Instead of getting the "click here if your browser doesn't redirect you", I get "invalid redirect". I then click on the top left hand image and it takes me to the forums and I'm correctly logged in.


Super Moderator
Hmmm - I'm not sure what the problem is then. Try another browser and see if it still happens. Are you using the latest Fire fox? I had some weird small niggly problems with the latest one a few weeks back, so I re installed it and it is now 8.01 and the niggly annoying things stopped, my niggles were on ebay, not here. I tried Chrome and that worked perfectly and so did Explorer so I gathered the hiccup was caused by FF.