Slow Motion


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I am looking for some direction on veiwing the dance videos on you tube. Every once in awhile I end up with the video being played in slow motion. How the heck I managed to do this is beyond me but I would like to know how to intentionally play them in slo-mo as it is a great learning tool. You really can see how the dancer is putting the moves together. Here's hoping for enlightenment.... Jim


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That is a new one to me, I haven't a clue, I'll ask my son when he gets home later, he may have an idea. If he can help will let you know:D


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When I watch videos on my computer there are two small triangles located above the "Play" button. Clicking on these will slow the video down. I don't see anything like that when I'm watching on the internet so I think you would have to download them and then watch on your computer.


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I googled and found answers that said that youtube itself does not have that function, but that there are plugins to download. Otherwise you can download the clip and watch it on your own media player.