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Hey, you know how popular cooking shows are, as well as that cooking genre of mystery and other books? Maybe dancers could capitalize on this whole idea. Imagine:

half a dozen zombie dancers dressed in bedlahs made from the silver aluminum wrappers from Hershey's kisses (just imagine the nipple ornaments) with skirts and veils made of the dark brown wrappers from Hershey's bars. They slither out onto the stage, one of them bearing a steaming caldroun of dark chocolate that she proceeds to place reverently in the middle of the stage. One by one, the dancers sway their way to the pot and dip their fingers in, screaming with the ecstacy of becoming one with the Chocolate Goddess. They dance around the stage in a stupor of chocolate fumes, waving their fingers and uluating wildly to their Bitter Dark Goddess (no milk chocolate for this bunch) until the audience is caught up in the chocolate madness and rushes the stage in a fervant show of chocolaholism...

Maybe we could even add poi sticks...

Ooomph. Me thinks it has been too long a day.

there's a fusion I could really get into! count me in!


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Real highways signs in Texas. Someone has a sense of humor.


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Are you serious?? I'd probably crash my car if i saw that sign while driving. :lol::lol::lol:

I love it! I love zombies...though i cannot for the life of me explain why.


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This is the thing that makes me smile the most in the world :D. The first clip is long but grainy so the second is there so you can see exactly what they look like. He only ever sings happy songs. (The dog is perfectly happy, he doesn't get made to sing, he just joins in when he likes, sometimes it's his turn and he misses it.


eden eyes

New member guys my heart pretty much froze when you started talking about zombies. of all things, zombies are what i fear probably the most!!:lol::lol:

i tried watching "Shawn of the Dead" becuase it was supposed to be funny but i lasted for like 2 minutes and started crying i was so scared. so i turned it off...prayed...and turned on some cartoons lol.

sad i know...

and that sign, i think i would freak out if i saw that. there is actually some holiday called "International Zombie Day" where people dress up, act, put on make-up, and walk like zombies. i swear if that EVER came to Pensacola, be prepared to see my face on America's Most Wanted for a massacre :lol:

ugh...i'm feeling sick just thinking about zombies lol

here's a silly pic:

and another:



That's okay, Eden. I don't give zombies a second thought unless faced with them in oncoming cars on the wrong side of the freeway, but clowns totally freak me out.



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When I was in India, I saw the following ad on cable TV. I found it in youtube.
so Enjoy!



Yes, I did. I really like that painting. It expresses my essential indolence. :D

This video made me cry the first time I saw it, but only because I was so awed by this animal. The film quality does not do the horse credit, but I couldn't find a better copy. This mare seriously rocks- she is more than guided by her rider, brilliant as he is- she feels the music and loves every minute of her performance. Watch it and SMILE.

YouTube - ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final
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