So, what do you think?


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I came across this dancer while looking at clips;

YouTube - Shik Shak Shok

In her description she says she knows she did it too fast, which is true, and she is nervous which did make a slight difference, but overall she is very good and with lovely style and technique, love her trousers too!. However, something still feels odd about the dance, I just have no idea what it is. Is it just that it is slightly too fast? Is it just the camera? Or is it something else?

What do you guys think?


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Well it's not a very "Egyptian" interpretation of the music, so if your eye is set to "Egyptian" when you watch it you might think "huh?" Also, I think the wide-leg stance is a bit off-putting, and it's not what I think of when I think of this particular piece. Maybe that's what's giving you the "eh" feelings?

She has great energy and a good sense of musicality -- I think if I were to criticize her I would say maybe to take some time and ground more, breathe more, and keep the energy but cut the actual MOVEMENT back a tad. Especially at the end she seems to want to overdance it. But I can understand that, given that music. I'm not a huge fan of all the chest locks and pops, but I think they could be more effective if she used some down time BEFORE doing them. Like, setting up the body (and our eyes) to see them. But I enjoyed the piece, and would only pick on the above if she were my student and asked me about it.

I think you may be expecting a more Egyptian interpretation of that very classic Egyptian song, and when you don't see it then it's jarring to the brain. I feel the same way when I see Tribal dancers performing to Egyptian music, but you don't see that very often, so it's not a feeling I'm used to. lol.


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She has a lot of energy and presence and a lot of potential but is lacking even in the most basic concepts of posture, body lines, etc.

The legs are too far apart, pretty much all of the time, not just by Egyptian standards but by standards of any belly dance style that isn't fusion. The movements are way too big and not isolated enough to be belly dance... again by any belly dance standard, not just Egyptian style. The hip movements look much too grindy to be considered belly dance movements. In almost all her "isolations," she goes waayyy off center with her body. When she brings her pelvis forward she goes into a backbend. When she lifts her chest she goes into a backbend. When she undulates she goes into a backbend. Those movements aren't supposed to do that unless this is what you intend. Someone can have large and well-defined isolations without going into a twisted posture like that... just look at Sadie, Daria Mitskevich, and others.

The arms are bent and have no purpose or line.

All these things indicate that she either had no belly dance training at the time of this video, or had a very bad teacher.

She is also rushing through the song, not taking the time with her movements... the dance is completely all over the place, which she obviously acknowledges.

The energy and attitude are the things that wouldn't quite fit in with Egyptian style, but could go well with a different style... everything else to me, doesn't look like belly dance at all. Her posture, energy, and "jumpiness" coupled with that weird costume, remind me much more of bhangra than anything.

With that said, she is very cute and can obviously entertain a large audience. They absolutely loved her! She also seems very confident and to be having a lot of fun. These are qualities every pro belly dancer should aim to have.
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