So, whats going on?


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Hi everyone! Don't know if a thread like this has been started. But I am just interested, where is everyone in their lives? Whats new? Whats going on? Tell us! I think it will be interesting, including dance or just what you did today at work! Anything :D

I am in Univeristy at the moment, doing a course in Animal Behaviour and Welfare which I have exams. First one today! Went better than I thought :D I am going back home soon, can't wait! Its just in time for my birthday and I can stay for just one more belly dance lesson :lol: While I am home, I am planning a massive shop with a friend (after exam therapy!), drinks for my birthday with other friends and lots of belly dancing!

What you been up to?!


That sounds great, Imeera! And happy upcoming birthday! :)

I just got home from today's group practice where I started the task of converting 5 creaky elephants (myself included ;)) to 5 elegant ladies, as our next group project will be an elegant and flowing egyptian oriental of which I've already finished choreographing 2 out of 4,5 minutes. :dance: Usually I don't finish the choreographies before the group start learning it, so being almost halfway finished even before they start learning it feels great!:dance::dance:
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Happy Birthday, Imeera! Mostly I've been busy with work, trying to stay healthy (lots of tests, all good), and working on new routines. All in all, pretty positive! :dance:


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Happy birthday!

My husband and I got home this morning at 3 am after driving all the way from Big Spring, TX (about 19 hours). We spent a week running around the Texas Hill Country on motorcycles, including meeting with 45 of our riding BFF last weekend in Junction, TX. Put almost 1300 miles on the bikes and had an amazing time.

Now, back to work. I've spent all morning on the computer trying to organize my schedule and jobs for the next several months. Onward and forward.

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Happy birthday when it is your b'day Imeera:D Welcome back Shan - love the pic of the blue bonnets very pretty - the others aren't too bad either.

As for what I have been doing, absolutely nothing exciting, shampoo'd the carpet on the stairs yesterday yuk job, today has just started - off to BD class in about 2 hours, then it will be off to do some much needed boring food shopping:D <sigh> such an exciting life!


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Happy birthday imeera! Are you a May baby? May is such a busy month in my life for birthdays! Have a great day a anyway!

Last year wasn't my finest, but this year will be! I've plans on the horizon so I'm quietly working towards some things, so all is good! But best of all I'm going to return to class next week after months off yay!

Shan , great pics!


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Busy as always. I have my kitten sleeping on my lap right now as I am typing. I will probably do some administrative stuff today at home. Hopefully my daughters remember they have a mother considering it is Mother's Day. And I will probably do some belly dancing around the house.


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Happy Birthday Imeera! :D

Shanazel - love the bluebonnet pics! I'm a Texas gal myself. I live in Houston, but was over in the hill country (Fredricksburg area) for spring break this year. Sooo nice!

Lately, I've been busy trying to keep my sanity. I'm a teacher and the school year is quickly coming to a close - I don't think I've ever been so happy for summer in my 5 years of teaching! But it's a very hectic time of year... I'm hoping I can survive my students! (I teach seniors and they're driving me insane with their eagnerness to be DONE with school LOL)

Dance wise, I've taken a little break this week. I fell at the gym last week (not the first time :( ) and twisted my ankle something TERRIBLE. I've had to wear a brace for most of the week and have been trying not to do anything too strenuous on it. I think it's getting much better - hopefully I can get back to some serious dancing/practicing by tomorrow!


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Just woke up, having coffee and checking, forum's, email's and facebook.
About to get my dog for a walk, and back cook a bit, and then starting preparing today classes ;)
All these in Athens Greece


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Happy Birthday Imeera! :D

Shanazel - love the bluebonnet pics! I'm a Texas gal myself. I live in Houston, but was over in the hill country (Fredricksburg area) for spring break this year. Sooo nice!

I lived in Texas growing up, mostly on the coast, though I am originally from Arkansas (about 30 miles from the Texas border). I love to visit and try to go back once a year to see friends and relatives. Would be hard for me to live there any more, though. I've got this thing for mountains...


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Oooh happy birthday!!! ^_^ At the moment I am attending a few different dance classes which is exciting. Trying to save up for my summer holiday, and learning Bulgarian.