Spammed through this website maybe ?


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Recently my email which is the one linked on this website has been attacked whereby all that was in my contacts list on my email received email apparently from me hosting what amounted to be spam where one was gullible enough to enter their bank details. Of some of the more savvy of my contacts on receipt of messages apparently from me hosting stuff which is not me they investigated to find links to belly dance interests where in my email the only belly dance interests are this website.

Later the day of the spam attack on my contacts I received a message form my webmail provider; Yahoo, to say a number of unsuccessful attempts had been made to access my web mail from Morocco of all places.

Now it may be I have an infection on my Mac or maybe spammers have found a new way of attacking this website and so I have posted the above here to make this website aware of a possibility if it exists and if it does has anyone else experienced this that I have reported here ?


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Hackers/spammers can access your interests & hit that way, google ads base their ads on the type of websites you visit, maybe somehow they went through that, goodness knows how. I, touch wood so to speak, haven't had any trouble.

I went to google ads & took out all the interests they had me pegged for & also added the firefox ad blocker, that has stopped heaps of ads.

Sorry you have been hacked that is nasty & embarrassing for you.


Thank you for the concern though there has been no breach associated with the forum. I have not had any hacking problems here for some time. I hate even saying it outloud, feel like I'm jinxing myself. Even if you don't post your email publicly, i.e. on a forum, it can be hijacked. It's a pain.


Hey, sorry to hear about this. But we don't share our members email address with the advertisers/nor the 3rd party people. I assume some other website might have done this or you should tighten your security of your email, gmail provides two step verification. I would suggest you to activate that. Good luck in getting things sorted out. Also never post your email address on posts/facebook.

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Khanjar, if you have a Yahoo email account they are very prone to being hacked. Mine has been twice. Once from Mexico and another time Yahoo didn't even pick up. They simply send out spam and viruses to everyone in your address book, including some belly dancing contacts probably, which is probably where they got your interests from. Having said that, all our web information gets linked somehow these days, unless you are very careful (and even if you are!) and professional hackers know this.

I recommend you change your Yahoo email password frequently, and don't use the same password for anything else. It's a pain.