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This dancer was mentioned in an item on the up coming Britains Got Exploitation ( er I mean Talent) in todays Mail ( not my choice him indoors buys it everyday Saturday).
The thrust of the article was how badly the contestants are treated. Simn Cowell buzzes off without giving them a chance and..this guy evidently came in for that treatment. The mail described him as talented and that audience was loving him and cheering but Cowell sent him off in a few seconds.
Anyone know him?
And my point might be..if people beign to realise that this show could actually damage self-esteem and careers of hopeful people who are neither deluded nor just having a laugh then they might have more sense that to put more millions in Cowell's bank balance. He doesn't understand the world of variety and should stick to finding maleable little popsters.


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We can hope it would stop people tuning in, however ITV make it very hard not to watch as they seem to broadcast those shows 24/7 on their others channels. You end up desperately trying to escape from the awful programmes.

I've only ever watched one programme of the X factor and it was by accident: yet my not tuning in has never seemed to hurt the music destroying show :(.

I hope the bellydancer looks at the experience as one that has brought him greater exposure and focuses on the positive response from the audience, rather than Cowells ugly mug. The problem is you need a soul to understand bellydance and Simon Cowell doesn't have one: as he proved when he gave the teletubbies a music contract.

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One of our dancers recently tried one of these talent shows, and the result was it was a toss up between her performance and that of a street dance ensemble, the street dance won, because our dancer was told though she was very good, not one of the judges understood belly dance, so could not put her forward as the winner.

So, if judges have no experience with belly dance, participation in so called talent shows is a waste of time, all a talent show can provide, if televised and broadcasted, is exposure for the dancer, as it occurs not only the twits that run these money seeking exercises have an interest.

Personally, if I ever and this will not happen got good at dance, no way, would I go near any of these talent clowns, as I know why it is they are running the events, purely wealth seeking, and that can be wealth generated by positive or negative exposure, basically do what media in this country is good at, raising someone up and then smashing them down all for they say, public interest, but hey, either way, it makes them money.

This chap, in fact, any belly dancer, hell, anyone that is reported to perform at Britain has got talent, they better beware and think long and hard if they really want to endure the rigors, ridicule and use by these people.