Summertime so.... vacation plans????


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The sun is shining, the rain stoped, we are wearing our sexy sandals lol.
So anyone plans for vacations???

Maria Aya:D


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Just got confirmation that our holiday is booked!! Me and 3 friends (all bellydancers) are going to Marrakech!! :D

3 more weeks and we're off!!! I can't wait!


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My summertime plans: work, work, and more work. I had wanted to go to Greece too, but life got on the way of my plans as usual *insert crying smilie*. Plus, not only I'm having a huge, unexpected amount of trouble with my move to a new home, but I also have to start planning another move for next year... uunnghhh, whine, more crying smilies.


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I'm going to Dahab in South Sinai. :) My favourite place on this lovely earth !! I am buying a peice of land there. NOT EASY !!! the bedouin have strange rules about palm trees etc. so although I would love it to be a holiday it'll probably be quite stressfull. plus... 4 of my friends were blown up in the bombs there in April. :(


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4 of my friends were blown up in the bombs there in April
Hugs Demelza!! How awful for you and their families.

Well I just got back from one vacation. We took a four day trip to Disneyland for the Fourth of July. My mom and step-dad met us there, we haven't seen them since they moved in March to South Carolina. Spent three days riding rides, shopping and generally indulging in our Dinsey addiction...LOL. Plus eating our way through the weekend, my step brother is a chef and works for one of the Disney resort resturants. He knows all the best places to eat...LOL. Fourth of July fireworks at Disney are always amazing, but the best part was listening to my hubby sing along with the Marine Corps Hymn which they played during the grand finalie.
I have one more four day trip in August to Ya Halla Ya All in Texas. It's my birthday gift this year from my hubby. I'm going to visit with one of my students who just moved there a couple of months ago and take workshops with Rachel Brice, Aziza, Isam, Morroco, Tarik Sultan....I can't wait.


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thanks Viv xxxxxx it was pretty awfull. I had just left a few days before. the minute i heard what'd happened i called one of my girlfriends. She was standing in the sea!!! they all were, after 3 bombs they didn't know which way to run .... luckily there were no more after that.

your holidays sound like fun !! I love riding too. we used to have horses - well, my sisters got a horse each, I got a donkey !!! still don't know the answers to that one !! xx love


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Hi Demelza! I am so sorry that your friends had to go through that.
So, you'll be taking workshops with Morroco and Tarik Sultan....I take classes with them in NYC. They are so much fun, especially Aunt Rocky andTarik is gorgeous, he oozes sensuality and joy when he dances. Be prepared to have your butt kicked! ;) ... you'll have a blast.


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I'm working all through the summer really. In one of the local pubs and a museum. :mad: Not fair. Family are off on holiday and leaving me.

Plus side- lots of parties planned cause I'll have the house to mysen for weeks and weeks. And it'll serve em right, in a childish spite em way.


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Viv WOW on your holiday !!! I would love to see fire works from Disney I bet they put on a spectacular show !!

It's WINTER here in Oz, we were going to a snow vacation this year but it looks as though we'll have to hold off till next year now...


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I would love to see fire works from Disney I bet they put on a spectacular show !!

Yes they do! I've always loved fireworks and their normal nightly show is wonderful. This year's theme for that one is celebrating their 50th birthday. For the 4th of July they added a second show right after the normal nightly one with an Americana theme. It ended with a tribute to our military using the anthems of each branch of service. Hubby is a retired Marine so of course I was already teary eyed when they played the Marine's Hymn. Then I heard him singing the words and plain old cried. I am such a sap :eek:
One of the really nifty things they did for the 50th birthday of Disneyland was photo mosaics all over the park made up of little tiny copies of photos people submitted. My mom sent in three, one of she and my daughter, she and I, and she and my hubby, that are in the Steam Boat Willy picture. Unfortunately they are all near the top so we couldn't see them up close. We did however take photos in front of the mosaic *grin*.


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It is always summer here at the tropics :D - but I do miss short but beautiful summer of Finland but this year I cannot go back there before winter which is too bad as in August there would be Gathering of the Tribes with PURA workshops and lots of European tribal dancers...

But also here in Singapore is really fantastic dance summer: this week we´ve had Hossam & Serena Ramzy (today afternoon going for Serena´s 5-hour workshop), in the end of this month we get more visitors from Egypt when Raqia Hassan, Momo Kadous, Dr Mo Geddawi and especially Randa Kamel! are coming and in August there will be Sema Yildiz and some Aussie visitors... only problem is to be able to choose from all these :eek:


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I'm going to Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia this September :). As we there, in Latvia, have very beautiful and rather short summer, i prefere stay at home go somewhere when there weather will be cold and wet


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Hi all.
I love summer, but it is extremly hot in Poland now, it is realy dificult to dance. I am working, studying and dancing, douring my summer breake. oh mayby I will go to Tunesia, but the case is still open. Have fun on youre hollydays.
Love, Alaya


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I had plans to go with my boyfriend, but now he has to work all summer :( fortunately he's free during the weekends.
Maybe I'll sign up for some nice workshops or something. I don't really know yet.


I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico in May and plan a family camping trip to Colorado in August. Sounds very prosaic when compared to places like Morrocco! I have never been overseas, but if all goes well, I am taking my daughter to Ireland next spring. I would take my son and husband, too, but they'd rather go hunting in Alaska...


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Hi all, it's me Susan, I got booted off and had to re-register so I thought I would just use my dance name instead.

I went to my son's wedding in Idaho over Memorial Day weekend, to Rocky Point Mexico the following week and enjoyed *insert sarcasm* the dysentery I came home with; after all that fun I've been working nearly every day trying to catch up financially from all that fun.

My husband's company took over management of a flight company in Hawaii, so he will be over there indefinitely; this means that I get to go to Hawaii in a few weeks to visit him! This will be my only real vacation -- the wedding was of course stressful (but fun and went well), Rocky Point was awful through and through -- so I'm looking forward to just lying on the beach and listening to the waves (with no vendors yelling at me to wake up and look at their stuff every 10 minutes).


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Hi evryone, so nice to hear you've all got lovely holidays planned.
Demelza, that is just awfull what happened to your friends. I hope everyone will be ok this time, no more bombs and stuff. Such things just scare the hell out of me.:(

Maria, I guess I'll have to wear my sexy sandals to work lol. I'm staying home, will be working for a few weeks to save up some extra cash.

I have signed up for some dance workshops with Dutch male dancer Farouq in his Summer week programme though.

Wishing you girls (and boys:p ) all the best on your holidays.


Ps. To all the Dutch dancers here, will anyone else be participating in Farouq's summer workshops?