surviving embarassing moments during performance


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Hi all,

The most embarassign thingthat happened to me was during performance;

In one particular show in an egyptian restaurent, after I danced for 15 min, During the audience participation time, I went to a table and asked a gentleman to dance. He was sitting with 3 women and another man. I was told by the owner the restaurent to get them up to dance because they are famous. He got up on the table and he unzipped his jeans. ( he was little drunk ). My partner I was dancing with was terrified and she ran off to backstage and I found out later that she cried. I was dumb founded and didn't know what to do. But something in me told me to ebarass him back. So, I asked him to come down and dance. I made an annoucement that we have a stripper here and started cheering him. He was so emarassed and apoligised(not once but many many times..rather annoying) for insulting us. I still wonder if I did the right thing or not!!!!

If you ever had any moments like this pls share with us tell us how you came out of it. Your experience can help another dancer to handle this kinds of situations better.



Of course you did right! That was a very good payback, clever :D. He's not going to do that ever again. Famous or not, people have to behave!


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Wooooooooohooooooooooo well done girl !!!
Tryed to give you reputation but have to spread around to give you again lol


Maria Aya


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Once upon a time on a dance floor far far away, some fellow pulled his private equipment out and waved it at the performing dancer (my teacher). She stopped cold, put her hands on her hips, and said in a carrying voice, "My God, it that IT?" Then she rolled her eyes, returned to her dance and the embarrassed fellow slunk out the door to the sounds of the audience's hysterical laughter.


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Janaki said:
I made an annoucement that we have a stripper here and started cheering him.

Shanazel said:
She stopped cold, put her hands on her hips, and said in a carrying voice, "My God, it that IT?"

Reputation for both of you.


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From me too! (Shanazel will get some when I have spread it around a bit more, I can't give you any since I've already done it before lol).

I really wouldn't know what to do. I think I'd be dumbfounded as well but not know immediately how to react.

I can't think of any REALLY embarassing dance moments actually. Only thing I can think of right now is when we danced a choreography with 3 girls from our troupe. I was in the middle and somehow got my skirt attached to the one of the girl on my left (the sequins and some loose threads on our skirts had hooked up). We had to dance the entire choreography attached to eachother. It was great fun though. Neither of us could turn or walk too far away, or the other would have been skirtless:lol:


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I was talking to a friend just now when my performance with a Dutch orchestra a while back came up: I remembered something funny.

After I had performed to a piece of music the orchestra had learned for that evening, I could do a piece to my own music. For me to be able to dance onstage they had moved the orchestra back a bit (Dutch village orchestra lol). As I was dancing away to Tahtil Shibbak, I suddenly noticed some of the audience members were laughing. I subtly looked down to make sure it wasn't a costume malfuntion or anything, but as I turned around I saw one of the orchestra members in front row, a really old man sitting there, his face bright red and glasses all steamed up! He was trying to look away but once he knew I had seen it he started laughing too, frantically trying to wipe his glasses with a tissue. I played around a bit, backbend next to him, quick hiplift in his direction once I passed.
He was getting even more red and steamed but the audience had a blast.

This wasn't really embarassing for me though, but I think the old guy will never forget:lol:.


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Aye, he sounds like a reyt doornob.


I'd have lobbed a bread roll at him personally on the spur of the moment.


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Wooooooow!!! :clap::clap::clap: U did the greatest thing!! Very good way of thinking in such a situation!:lol: