Taht Il Shibbak


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Hmm looks like the translation from tribe.net didn't cover that part.

Gypsy, can't you translate? :pray:
Do you have a link to the song? Because there's more than one version.... with the lyrics being slightly different, I'll need the version that corresposnds with these lyrics...


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I have a version by Fatme Serhan, about 3.40 minutes long. Sorry, I don't know how to upload music on internet.


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eyelashes--and metaphors

Re "Your eyelash is (embellic of the quill of the porcupine that causes one to be weary) a killer"

I have a theory that the Arabic language--or at least Arabic song lyrics--are much more highly metaphorical than English.

I dance to the Farid al Attrache song Echtektellak and got it translated and there is a line that was translated as "I cried all night and wrote you letters in tears with my eyelash."

I for one cannot imagine any American man ever saying that, even a man given to singing heartbroken love songs, like say Roy Orbison.

Gotta love it. Cathy


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I believe the translation on Shira's site most closely matches this version (although a little bit jumbled around):

http://www.nafisehbellydance.co.uk/assets/docs/Fatme Serhan - Best Of Saidi - 09 - Tahtil Shibbak(1).mp3

The translation on that is on tribe is for this version:

http://www.nafisehbellydance.co.uk/assets/docs/08-Taht Il Shibbak (Balady).mp3


I listened to the Fatme Serhan version, as I suspected, there is no reference to bisexuality (sp?) anyway, I'll be back....


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Another request for a classic translation, specifically the 'talky' bit at the beginning (I'm using the Fatme Sehran version off The Queen of Balady 5min 58)

I've looked at the translation on Shira's site but it doesn't have the beginning.


Here's what I came up with, the first part where she does the talking:

"I say... to the beautiful one wearing the gown.. I want to repent on your hands

Oh beautiful one

Oh beautiful one, the one wearing the gown.. I want to repent on your hands

you are the mother off all killer eyelashes

my heart has rested once it layed on your hands

Or is it because I deeply love you, you now want me to kiss your hands?!!"

("kissing someone's hands" in arabic is metaphor for begging)
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