Tamr Henna

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Tamra Henna

Anyone have the lyrics to Tamr Henna?
Dear Salome,
This is the translation according to Katie and Ra'ed Azar, who are from Jordan.
They translated it for me some years ago when I was using the song in one of my shows.

Oh fruit of the henna
These are the secrets
The flower of the country
I am jealous of you
The white jasmine wandering
And the red flower
The fire is melted in it
The heart going insane
Is sending a signal

These are the extra notes I took about the translation:
The word "Tamra" means fruit in Arabic, in this case meaning the henna flower. You could also translate the sentence, "Oh henna flower, these are the secrets."

They substituted the word "jasmine" for the real flower because they did not know its name in English and jasmine was the closest they could come to it.

The word "signal" could also mean warning.

The basic meaning of the song was described to me in the following quote: "Everyone else is not a food as the henna flower and it can make all the others jealous." The henna flower is of course, a girl!



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I remember Shira also had the lyrics of one of the songs on her webpage. Can't remember which one though