Teacher Training Certification Programs with Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil


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For the First Time in North America!

Advanced Dancer and Teacher Training Certification Programs with Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil, Cairo, one of the living legends of Middle Eastern/Oriental Dance and Folklore.

Prof. Khalil. . .

-- is the founder of the famous Kaomeya Troupe in Egypt;
-- was the director of musical theatre at the Balloon Theatre and the Oum Kalthoum Theatre, Cairo;
-- performed, choreographed, and directed dances in many classic Egyptian films;
-- was the trainer and/or choreographer of many stars of Egyptian stage and cinema: Samia Gamal, Taheya Carioca, Naima Akef,
Nagua Fouad and many modern stars including Asmahan, Khaled Mahmoud, etc.;
-- holds a PhD in Musical Theatre, Academy of Art in Bulgaria.

After 20 yrs as head of the Dept. of Drama at the Institute of Dramatic Art in Kuwait, Prof. Khalil is now introducing his teaching programs to North America for the Certificate of Specialty Teacher for Oriental/Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Folklore.

For intermediate, advanced/professional dancers; teachers/future teachers.
Limited to 10 participants per 1 or 2 year program.
Starts Feb. 2011 at Oasis Dance Studio, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. For more information on course dates and certification requirements, please visit Oasis. For application forms and tuition fees, please contact Khalida at oasisdancestudio@gmail.com.

With boundless energy, unstoppable creative spirit, and true Arabian charm, Prof. Khalil is a nationally decorated artist with an encyclopedic knowledge of Middle Eastern dance and culture.

Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to study with this highly esteemed
Master Teacher of Oriental Dance and Folklore!
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Hello everybody!
I really advice all of you to take part in this Teacher Training Certificate Course, because it's really worth it, you won't get the information he gives anywhere else. He loves what he does very much and teaching and creating Professionals and future teacher or already teachers is his passion. He really puts his soul in his work and you can see that already from the first lesson. I know all this because I'm also his student and I can assure you that you won't regret it if you go to his classes.