The camel


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As for the Kenya - the version I was taught (Hilal style Raqs Sharqi Soc) was 2 stationary camels facing to one diagonal followed by 2 stationary camels facing to the other diagonal! LOL! - even within apparent 'schools' the terminology differs.

That is interesting! My ex- teacher (the hilal influenced one) often does that combination with stationary camels. I thought she called the type of camel a "Kenya" and the diagonal positions were just how she was presenting the movement. I am pretty sure that she describes a camel that originates in the upper body as a "Kanyan". When I arrived for my first class with her, it just happened I was the only student in class that night. We ended up having a long talk about different names for movements and I mentioned that I first learned a camel as an upperbody move (and showed her) and she said "We call that a Kenyan". I was wearing a long skirt and loose t-shirt so maybe she didn't really see what I was doing--and I may have been at a diagonal angle from her at the time. So I might have misunderstood her... She was always quick to correct me since most of what I learned in the US is different than RSS style and I don't think she corrected me on the Kenya. It could be that she just didn't notice I was doing it in the chest not the hips.