The Difference Between Quartertones in Persian, Arabic, and Turkish Music


Platform and browser dependent. Some browser have the idea that embedded videos (or blogs linking to innocent pictures on the same server) are dangerous.... Probably some settings or ad-ons that are needed for you to play them at home.


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Occurs to me that I use Google Chrome at work and the old version at home, even though I have Chrome installed on my home computer. Sigh. Guess I'm going to have to make the switch. Darn Google. It already "improved" my email to the point where using it makes me crazy.


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I run firefox exclusively. Not because its great, but because it sucks the least of the major browsers. I see the videos here just fine - BUT - there is the occasional video that I can't see (on various fora) that others do. I'd like to blame this mess on the smartphone crowd, but I'm not sure that its their fault (although there's still hope!).


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I changed my home computer over to Chrome last night. Got all my bookmarks imported and realized Chrome won't let me edit them the same way the other browser let me. Sheeze. Guess I need to go do the editing on the other browser then reimport to chrome with everything in its proper place. If it ain't one thing, it's ten more. Still haven't figured out how to import the bookmarks between one machine and t'other.

Owie, owie. This is making my head hurt worse than quarter tones ever did.