The strangest thing that happened to you at the performance


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So, what is the strangest thing that happened to you at the performance?

I'll tell you what happened to me this summer :)

I had a performance on a hotel terrance and while I was dancing I heard everybody laughing. I thought that my bra fell off or something, and than I saw a little kitty in front of me. She slipped through the audience and sat in first row :)
I came in front of her and did snake arms towards her and she started doing the same thing (she was playing with my hands but it looked like she is doing snake arms) :)

She watched the whole show, hihihihi :)))
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Farasha Hanem

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I can't think of a strange thing, but I have performed with the flu. No fun at all, and I don't plan on doing it again any time soon! @____@


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This didn't happen in a BD performance but is cool enough to share anyway.

In 1980, my husband and I were in Mexico City to perform Verdi's Requiem with a 100 voice choir and symphony orchestra. Opening night: the orchestra played the introduction, then the choir solemnly sang "Requiem..." As the voices died away, the thunder outside rolled and built in volumn, right on cue. The maestro's eyes got wide and he waited until the thunder rolled away before giving us the cue to sing, "Requiem eternum." Thunder rolled, built to a crescendo, then died away.

Getting to sing in a performance with God playing thunder was amazing.


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I have epilepsy so its pretty frequent that I'll "space out" and go into this half conscious, loopy dream like state. They usually only linger for less than a minute and I can function, I just say weird things and have mild hallucinations.

One time while performing I go up to lead (ATS performance) when I start to drift off into mild seizure. I didn't convulse or twitch, I was just sort of in a hazy mental phase. I don't remember very well what moves I did, and I didn't tell my troupe what had happened because I didn't want them to worry, but the performance went without a hitch and shortly after I finished up my part and circled in, I came to my normal sense. Really strange and hard to believe, but it happened!


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one time, when I was 18, this older guy with down sydrome, started booing me off stage cuz he was a big fan of my dance instructors and wanted me to get off stage so he could give her flowers.

yeah. totally not fun.

and another time at a fundraiser this one guy wanted to end my solo prematurely (like a typical man, hehe) and the other dancers wouldn't let him. YaY!


Strangest thing that happened to me was horrible: a man trying to tip me in the front of my belt and trying to put the money in my underwear. So disgusting I beat him. I never go to gigs alone anymore since that time.
Don't think I had other weird things happening. Maybe the one time I got a crazy amount of tips, was about $750! And another time I was paid $2000 for a gig (lousy experience though, they didnt even have a sound system, had to use the sound system of the band)