Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous


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Inspired by Amulya's return to visit her questionable costume site, I found these oldies but goodies. Thought I'd make the first one for me and the second for my mare, Star. Maybe we could sneak into the local Arab Horse Association entry in the parade next summer.

UBDC 1.jpgUBDC 2.jpg

Greek Bonfire

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This actually looks like she had too many items in her hands to bring to the laundromat so she tucked her sheer curtains in her hip belt. Just tacky overall in my opinion.
Re: costume with green overskirt.

Interesting print and the narrow trim at the hem of the skirt is nice. I'd like the overall effect better if the cups were connected by a bit of the trim used for the back of the bra. As it is, the bra looks unfinished. (Oops, ran out of materials to connect the cups.) The short skirt has some horizontal fold issues that need to be addressed. Between the folds and the angled jeweled hip straps, the skirt looks like it's sagging in the front. The overskirt looks like an afterthought and the hook in front doesn't sit straight. The acid green of the chiffon is an interesting addition to the print but might look better as a full underskirt. That would extend the line of the costume instead of cutting the dancer in half at the waist.


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I think a single "starfish" would work if it had been placed at the base of the "V" on the side. The sleeve also needs fixing but it's ... well it needs work.

...:confused: That poor horse.