Time spent practising


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First, let me say I am an instructor and troupe director as well as performer, so now I dance about four hours a day, seven days a week . When I was an average bellydance student, I would invest about two hours a day to practicing and three hours per week of class time. The answer is obviously going to be different for everyone depending on what level of dancing they're at ie hobbyists, students, troupe members, professionals, etc.


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I try to dance for a couple of hours a day. It's my relaxing time for me. A couple of my children also dance, so more often than not I end up dancing with them too



depends for me what my work schedule is. When I am on contract somewhere I tend to spend a little less time in rehersal because I dance six or seven days a week and need to save my body for show time. During my breaks I tend toward a five day a week plan with two to four hour sessions of practice. It's more important how I spend my time rather than how much time I spend...


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Well lets see, right now I'm doing two hours of practice on Mondays and Fridays as well as the occasional Saturday or Sunday. Wednesday/Thursday anywhere from half an hour to around 45 minutes.
I probably spend anywhere from another 10 minutes to a few hours per day of what I call "dead time" practice. This includes practicing shimmies, isolations and the like while folding clothes, doing dishes, standing in line at the store, brushing my teeth, all those mindless chores you can pretty much do on auto pilot that we get stuck with every day...you get the idea :)
This also doesn't include the 3 hours I spend teaching beginning classes on Tuesday nights or the half hour of stretching I do those nights after I get home so that I'm not to tight to teach my intermeadiate class on Wednesdays.


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I probably get in about 2 hours a day of dancing either with a DVD or just me with the music.... but I also do a good 45 minute cardio step workout in the mornings too...


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I try to get at least an hour in a day..but don't feel it is enough!
How come you don't practice more if you want to? Is it because of time? Time is always our problem, isn't it?

Very well.... I dance for one and a half hour, every other day. For some time I danced every day; but it got me really tired and there were so many things I wanted to do but didn't have the time to because of my dance. I feel that one and a half hour is perfect for me and my body agrees ^_^; because it has to rest. But of course, not a day goes by without me dancing, if only to one song or two.


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That's a really good question, Michelle.

I am rather sporadic, due to needing to work, and being in school. So, my solution is to take as many classes as I can. I schedule myself for early shifts on Tuesdays so I can take the intermediate class after work, I am off Wednesdays so I can take the advanced morning class and go to my troupe practices at night, and take both the intermediate and advanced classes on Sundays. I do also practice at home, but I know that if for some reason I'm too exhausted, I still get at least 5 hours a week of good solid drills and practice in.

I find that commiting to recitals and performances is really motivating for me to practice at home as well, so I don't look bad when I perform.


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Well, I have a two-year old daughter who is demanding of my time during the day, and a little jealous of my dancing. My practice time is usually about 45 minutes in the evening after her bedtime. I also get "stolen moments" from work where I can come home and work on choreography while my mom babysits my little one.

She is getting more used to my dancing, and sometimes wants to "shake" with one of my scarves. I'll make her a dancer yet! Then we can practice together. Being a working mom definitely takes it's toll on my practice time, but she's worth the sacrifice!


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My life is rather hectic due to work, travelling, university and the million other things I do, but I always try to dedicate time on dancing. Usually I attend at least two 1-1,5 hour classes a week + spend an hour practising the technical stuff at least once a week at home. oh, and like Viv, I do my shimmies while doing the dishes or waiting for the traffic light to turn green :D

Oh, but have you noticed that it is summer outside? So much for regularity :rolleyes:


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hi :)

I like to get in an hour in the morning and an hour later in the day or evening.
but somedays like today I got in 45 minutes,I figure little is better than nothing at all,and my body felt a little tired like it needed a rest too.

do you practise dancing to music after your dvd tutorial?just choose something you connect with and let your body free,or work on one move...

hope this helps!!



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I'm time-poor. :( I commute three hours a day, and don't have time after dinner to practice or work out. I'll work on small, discreet isolations while on the train and at my desk, though, along with shimmying and dancing while doing housework!


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Wow, you all practice a lot! :eek:

Before my course stopped because of summer holiday, I had weekly lessons of 1 1/4 hour. I also practiced one or two hours on friday evening and sometimes also other evenings.

I must admit it's almost a month ago since a danced. I'd expected to miss dancing a lot during the summer, but that's not the case :)confused:)
Probably because it's very warm now. My room is extremely warm so I feel more like going to the park, reading a book while sitting in the shade and eating ice cream ;)


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ah moon,i think its good to have a break sometimes,you will dance amazingly when you next dance :)

When I went to see the bellydance superstars, I asked one of the dancers how much time they spend practising, she told me 5 hours a day on average. When I asked Bozenka, she said to just fit practise in whenever you can within your daily routine. I believe she was saying..'just go with the flow'.
michelle,how inspiring!!!wow!!!:) that had to be an amazing experiance,to meet up and be able to get answers to your questions.:)

thankx for sharing




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Hi there:)

I do my personal drills for 1/2 hour everyday.
1/2 hour special strength special mussles programm.
Teaching for 2-3 hours per day.
Choreographing/listening music/trying etc for 2 more.
This is my last month program

Maria Aya:)


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I dont have a another job than dancing so most of my time is going in it,(Many people say i am crazy,but i feel so lucky) i teach mornings around 3 and half hour,open classes, have a break,than teach private classes usely 2 hours a day ,and than i teach early open eve classes ...after that usely i still perform... i teach only sinds 7 years medancing .....before i started teaching i did aprox 10 to 14 show,s a week the whole year treu...i did 4 years on the strech without 1 day of....from 1992 till 1996 ...1 show is 50 minutes.... at the moment i cut down a bit on performing,i have been performing sindts 1980....so that is my scheduale.....happy dancing Lydia