To Tribal or not to Tribal?

Should we create a Tribal Fusion forum?

  • Yes, and I would participate

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Yes, though I am not involved in Tribal styles

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • No, tribal style discussions can take place within existing boards

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • No, insert your reason here

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Some of the members have suggested creating a board on our forum here that is specifically for Tribal Fusion, and related styles. What do you think?

Farasha Hanem

New member
I think it's a great idea! I get the feeling that there may not be a message board for those who do Tribal, so having a forum section for them might make them feel more welcome here. We can probably learn a lot from each other, and I'm pretty sure we have members here already who do both.

Im not saying there won't be problems and pitfalls, but I think it's something that's very doable.


AFK Moderator
I don't see how it will hurt to give it a try. I'm not sure how many tribal fusion, etc dancers on on this forum. Be interesting to see what happens from it.


I did tribaret and tribal fusion as well as Egyptian style so I would definitely participate :) I love all styles


"The Veiled Male"
I would too - I'm in a "Dark, Gothic, Tribal Fusion class", although I'm no expert at it. I drive the instructress nuts, "Cabaret arms Zorba, those are Cabaret arms!!" she's always yelling at me!


I'm dipping my toes in tribaret - cracking some out for a show in November - so I would love love love a special tribally area.

I've been home-studying tribal for a few years now and did some skype classes with Nina Martinez (Gypsy Caravan) until she wasn't able to teach on skype any longer.

Farasha Hanem

New member
I did Tribal classes with members of my own troupe who taught for awhile. While Egyptian is where my heart is, I'd participate. :)


New member
I love tribal! I was taught West Coast tribal by my first teacher who was student of Jamila Salimpour, so i learned not only the mechanics, but also the way of working in a group. Then i had several workshops with tribal/tribal fusion teacher who came to Greece, and i was lucky enough to have lessons with Baraka, an american tribal fusion and goth teacher who lived in Greece for some years before going back to the States. I also had tribal lessons with any other teacher from Greece who had things to teach in tribal. I keep attending workshops and now i plan to start studying from DVDs as i have not found any other tribal teacher in Greece to continue my study. In the meantime, i work on my own tribal projects and given that the music we have here is ideal for this style, i take advantage. I also teach the style or parts of the style to my students, i consider it a style they should have some picture about, even if they will not want to specialise in the future.


Super Moderator
I think it is worth giving it a go to see if more tribal/tribaret dancer will come on board & share their experiences & love of the style with us. I do enjoy watching videos of tribal/tribaret, doubt I'll ever learn the style at this stage of my life, but would enjoy a good discussion.


New member
After a couple of terms I decided TF is not my cup of tea bellydance-wise so I wouldn't be any more interested in TF discussion than, oh I don't know, Irish folk dance or salsa. But if people are into it, why not. Maybe it will bring in some new members and start a few heated debates. I miss the heated debates.


Super Moderator
What? We don't have a thread on Irish folk/belly dance fusion? I coulda sworn I saw a video here once...

da Sage

New member
I don't know a video of it, but I've actually seen this done fairly well by a novice belly dancer. It worked surprisingly well!