Too tiny???


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Hello everyone,

I ve decided to post a question so i can have your opinion about this: do you think that tiny girlz can bellydance as the tall ones?
I ask myself this coz i have to admit I'm a tiny one(around 5'2" :lol:), and this is a real debate in my head...What are your opinions about that?

Thx bellydancers for all around the world on this forum, have a wonderful day!



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Of course!

I've had two long term teachers who were about your size. Excellent dancers both.
Yes a tiny dancer can belly dance as well as someone tall. I'm 5'3, particularly focus on stage presence to appear larger than 5'3. But that comes with time and practice like everything else.

To contrast~ a tall dancer in a troupe, moving in time with the music, may be required to shorten stride to be on count. A smaller person may be required to lengthen stride to cover similar distance.

It all works out.


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Two words:
Oreet Schwartz

seriously, google her. She's phenomenal and she's way less than 5' tall.

Farasha Hanem

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Just to let you know since you're new here, this section of the forum is actually for threads started in other sections that end up in a meltdown; it's not really for starting new threads. :cool:

But to keep on topic, I'm four feet nine, so yes, tiny people can bellydance. :cool:


Now that this thread is where it will be read by more interested parties...

I'm only tiny too, and I tower over the shortest dancer I know, who towers over the shortest Australian dancer I know of (who also happens to be one of the biggest names in Australian bellydance). So no, size does NOT matter with bellydance. Dancing does. :D


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I'm 5'2". I tell people I'm 5'3". I wear heels to dance, not because I think I'm short, but because I think my legs are short for my torso. You are the perfect height if your legs touch the ground. :lol:

Eva Chernik and Ranya Renee are both petite.


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I'm envious of how tall people can reach things, see better in crowds, and not have to get every pair of pants hemmed. Lucky devils :lol:


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Woaw thx so much for all your answers, i feel not lonely now!

And the more i read your answers, the more i think my question was stupid LOL

By the way, sorry for having post this thread in the wrong section, and thx for reposting it in the good one!


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I'm 5'6.5'' (AKA, pretty average height in this country) and sometimes when I attend workshops I feel like a giant! There are a lot of petite dancers out there, especially in the professional scene. I'd even say they are a majority, or at least close to it.

For inspiration, I'd look at Saida. She is super tiny, but looks very tall on stage due to her lines and stage presence.

What's a lot more rare is dancers who are very tall (5'9'' and above). They exist of course, as there is no such thing as too short OR too tall for belly dance. But it seems a lot harder to find dancers who are much taller than average than finding dancers who are much shorter than average. A few tall ones who come to mind are Ju Marconato and Sharon Kihara.


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I am a whooping 5'11''. Usually I feel like a giant compared to the other girls in my troupe that are around 5'4'' perhaps:lol:

Skirts are usually problematic as it is way easier to hem than to put more on.