Toul Omri/All My Life (Egyptain Film)


All My Life, a film by Egyptian San Francisco-based filmmaker Maher Sabry, will be playing at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco June 22.

All My Life | Frameline32 | Maher Sabry | Egypt

On a personal note: Maher is a close friend of mine, was my Arabic teacher for a while, was a roommate of mine for four years, and...I also have a small role in the film! I am really proud of him, and can attest to the years of work that have gone into this film.



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Youl Omry

Hello. Congratulations on having a part in the film.

Over here in the UK it will be virtually impossible to get hold of this film, even if it comes out on DVD.

Do you have any info about what is happening about theatrical release or issue onto DVD?