Training after appendectomy surgery


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2 weeks I've had an appendectomy surgery. It was not laparoscopic, so I have a 1.5" cut on my lower abdominal area. Day by day I am getting better, I can now walk/sit on a chair/lauch without feeling any pain and I returned to work since day 10. Yay!

The doctor who operated me advised to start with light exercise after 10 days, and go back to a normal trainng after 20 days. So I started with some low impact aerobic as well as leg, arm, and upperback strengthening exercises.
But what about bellydance? When is it safe to return to bellydance after an abdominal surgery?
I've been only doing some arm moves so far.. Any other move is somehow involving the abs and I am afraid to try.

Does anyone have similar experience? Please advise!
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It'd time to take it easy. Focus on hands and arms for the first 20 days, then after that migrate to footwork and some upper body, and once your body is back in the swing of things, move on to your usual drills, with the understanding that if there is any pain you should probably not do that particular move for the moment. I'd probably wait a couple of months before getting back to abdominal articulation, just to make sure the wound heals cleanly.


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Thank you for the advice. Well, you are right, I have to take it slowly...
I will continue with my simple exercises and a DVD for arms&hands for the next 2 weeks and then we 'll see! :)