Translation of Elissa - Ajmal Ihssas


Translation generously provided by Suha Azar.

Suha Azar said:
Ajmal Ihssas

(The most beautiful feeling)

ajmal ihssas fel kon

the most beautiful feeling in the world

ennak teshak be gnoun

is to love madly

wada hali maak

and to give myself to you

khaletny aish ajam

You've made me live days

melyana be shou w gharam

Filled with longing and passion

dawebbny hawak

I've melted from your love


hashak be gnoun rouhi ana

I love you madly, my soul

albi el maftoun kollo mana

My wretched heart is full of wishes

wayak be aish

to live together

ahla hanan

the sweetest tenderness

habibi ana ya rouhi ana

my darling, my soul

ya wali ya nary

oh my misery, my burning

olly ezay adary

tell me how I can stand it!

shouhy lahfet

this longing has scorched

alby fey orbak

my heart in your presence

hatha wahna sawa

And when we are together

betnawwar senneny

You light up my years

bahakbar hanini

and my love for you grows

arab miny

come closer to me

taala fey hodni

come and embrace me

wemal hayati hawa

And fill my life with love