Translation of Esma Yalli by Hakim

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Translation generously provided by Lady Zurah.

Lady Zurah said:
Esma Yalli - Hakim

Slow intro: When we met it was like clapping thunder,
Face to face we circled around each other, and all at once I was overcome with too much emotion.

Ta'ab ti elbi ahwed At yahwed (hey kid*), ma sen maddeh hob ay yawed...
Hey kid, you try and exhaust my heart, could it be love?
Hey kid, you try and exhaust my heart, could it be love?
You don't have to push/add more stress; I am too patient for your heart.

Chorus: (Esma Yalli ganitinee) Listen you, the one who makes me crazy, either you hate me or you love me.
I'm yours, I'm a good guy - if you don't want me, what DO you want?

(Sherelti behli) You fire up my imagination trying to figure out what's going on
When I hear you talk, my heart gets softer towards you, I don't want to stop talking to you.
I wish I hadn't met you; you stole my heart and then you disappeared

Hey kid, get me my heart back, don't be so stubborn.
You're still my love, though you hijacked my heart, don't leave me in confusion, don't let me suffer
Don't play with me, don't drive me crazy, sit down and listen to what I have to say.
Come and listen to what I'm gonna tell you.


(Esmak kalamak...) When I listen to you, the differences between us just melt;
but then suddenly you become hard, and I find myself sitting home alone at night
I tell myself I will change to forget you and stop loving you; but then the longing returns.
You let me suffer, that makes me crazy; I don't know why I feel weak when I am in your presence.


*literal translation: "hey, boy", used here in the generic sense. Many Arabic songs refer to female as "he" or "boy" since it's considered impolite to address females directly.


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esma yalli (Listen, the one that...)

This translation is pretty good. I can hardly understand Egyptian dialect but I could understand that bit.
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