Translation of Habibi ya Ainy

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Translation shared by Dimitra.

Dimitra said:
hi to all...these are the lyrics of "habiby ya ainy" song of Nourah and the english translation...
enjoy it!

Habibi Ya Einee
Habibi ya einee
Love, oh my eyes
Ya einee ya leilee
Oh my eyes, my nights
Yam sahar einee
You who's making my eyes not sleep
Bein haree wei leilee
During my day and nights
Walla shta' na
I missed
Wahyatei einak
I missed your eyes
You who's separating yourself
Shta'na lei einounak
From me, I missed you
Beiou-joudak yabou samra
In your presence, you who has the title of dark one
Yehla sahar bei leil
The night becomes more enjoyable
(While we're sitting together it's more fun)
Weil heilou bei yetwal omra'
And the beautiful one prolongs it's life
Wein ghanee ya eine ya leil
And we sing "ya einee ya leil"
El maghna hayateil rouh
Singing is the life of the soul
Yeishfeil albeil majrouh
Heals the wounded heart
Yalla neir-ou's wein ghanee
Let's dance and sing
Weinesh bei ahla janee
And let's live in the most beautiful paradise
Yalla Yalla Yalla
Yalla Yalla Yalla
Yalla, ya Baseim
Tabeilee shawaya
Beat the drums for me
Wenta ya Yasbee
And you, oh Yasbee
Aseimlee showaya
Improvise a little for me
Wentee ya mazika
And you oh music*
Do-eele showaya
Play yourself for me a little
La la la la la la la
Btaatee btaatou
Ra-asnee ya ho
Habibi Ya Eine
Yam sahar eine


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Thank you, Salome!!!

I had thought that Warda was the singer so I have been on a quite unsuccessful search for a CD by her that this song was on. Now I can look for the right artist and actually purchase it! Yay!


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The artist's official website is and you can purchase CDs from this site.:)
Actually I take that back, the shop is still under construction. However, I think that song is on the Belly Dance Super Stars vol. 3 album....
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Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. I love that song lol. Today I had a lesson and my teacher played this version that sounded like it was older. Is this song a remake? Gotta love this song!!


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Um, I'm not sure if it is an older song... I do have another version of it, just instrumental, no vocals...


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yes, I have two older versions, no idea who sings them... I do really like this song though. Thanks so much for the translation! It's always good to know what the song I'm dancing to actually means.
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