Tribal Fusion


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I have really developed a love for Tribal Fusion Male dancers. I have noticed that there are more and more of them lately. The first one that comes to my mind is Steven Eggers.

Recently I stumbled on someone I hadn't heard of before, Frank Farinaro.

I'm wondering how many more of them are there?
Names and videos? :pray:


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here's Eliran Amar from Israel:

... and Illan Riviere from France, he's very young but damn good. I had the chance to watch this performance live, it's really quite out of this world.
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I wish the darn film makers would just focus on the dancer and not attempt to give viewers migraines by fancy camera work. It is so frustrating to try and watch a performance through the kind of nonsense exhibited on EE Amar's clip.

End of rant


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Frank is awesome. I met him at Black Orchid last year and was blown away by him, and I'm not USUALLY into TF. Plus he's hilarious.