Tribal Workshops in Spain?


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Hello beautiful dancers,

I love that this forum has so many international dancers, so here is a natural place to post my question.

I was contacted by an enthusiastic dancer in Madrid inquiring about hosting me in a series of workshops on tribal bellydance. I would of course love to, but want to make sure that she will make her money back. I have never had a teacher not recover their costs in any US or Canadian city I have taught in, but have no experience with teaching in Europe (yet!)

I have no idea what the scene is like in that region, and/or if people travel from nearby neghboring countries to study obscure styles (which I assume tribal would be around there). Can anyone comment? And if anyone is from Spain, can they comment on that specifically, and if they or others they know would be interested in attending and/or helping promote if this woman decides to go ahead and host me?



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No Spanish dancers out there?

Even if you have no interest in tribal yourself, you can probably comment on what is going on in your country with this style, ne?


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In Madrid there is El-Oasis dance school led by wonderful and versatile Polish-born dancer Nigma. Her fusion tribal style is really beautiful and powerful which has solid background on ATS. She works also closely together with Bellyqueen Kaeshi and Tamalyn Dallal.... she is also really nice and speaks several languages so she really is worth contacting as I believe she can provide much information about Spanish tribal scene :)

Her web-pages with contact info can be found at:


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Thanks Kiraze! I will get in touch with her.

How connected and supportive is the community there, do you know? Do dancers and groups coordinate on events and workshops? Or are they pretty separate and fractured?


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Zurah is in Spain... Hey Zurah where you at?

Eep! I'd missed this thread. It's in Spanish, unfortunately, but your best bet is the directory page in

Personally I have no idea really about Tribal here, as I live in the sticks, so there are no Tribal teachers or events in my town - it's sort of a recent style in this part of the world, but will ask my teach tonight about it.