Turkish bellydance-Hale Sultan


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I often find a lot of stuff I don't like when looking for Turkish bellydance videos, but I really liked this :)


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Awwwwwwww Hale is my best friend in Turkey.
She is a wonderfull person, so funny and so serious at her job also.
Just love her

Maria Aya:)


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Hale is great! Hopefully she can make a new DVD as these raks-i-sultan clips are already quite old and her style has evolved from that (which can be seen on those clips from Singapore).

...Hale BTW is very popular here in Asia and no wonder as besides good dancer she is so warm person and I am so happy to had a chance to get to know her... hopefully next time I could also see her performing live (and Hale if you are lurking there we want more videos! :lol:)


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Hale Sultan has an account on YouTube.But she didn't upload them.She commented her videos with the words ''this is my video'' etc.I found two of this videos with this way.The other videos have the same pictures. and i think that these videos are her videos. :)

Turkishboy, what tags do you use to get Hale Sultan videos on youtube?, especially the last 3 videos.
arabic darbuka solo
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Oh, I like her VERY much. Classy, elegant, good solid dancing. Where's that "favorite dancer" thread? I need to add her to my list. Thank you for the clips!