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there two songs on this clip Rompi rompi and mastika(i think that what it is called) i used to have them now i don't have them does anyone know where i can get them and other song like them
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Good versions of Rompi Rompi can be found at least from CD:s "Alla Turca" by Özel Türkbas and "Gypsy Fire" by Richard Hagopian and Omar Faruk Tekbilek.

Good version of Mastika can be found e.g. from CD "The best of the Sultans".

Probably none of these are those which are used on DVD but they are good versions anyway (and have "genuine" Turkish feeling because of Turkish musicians unlike many other versions)

This DVD looks great - I have preordered it already months ago so I am eager to get my hands on it - however I am disappointed that the performance music according to that video clip is Arabic and not Turkish :(