Turquoise/fuschia costume & misc items for sale


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I'm really in a mess for college money, so I'm selling a lot of my things. I can take offers, shipping extra unless it says included. I can take paypal, MO, checks email me at bastet_huraiva@yahoo.com. Also, if anyone is interested in some Egyptian decor I have a few pieces left and can take pictures on request.

Turquoise/Fuschia bra/belt set (there are accessories but I have to find them). Newly made, never worn. B/C cup, belt measures 42" end to end, so that's about 40" max, and overlapping won't mess up the design if you need to go under. Asking $150 OBO See page 2 on the link for pics!

Pictures here:http://camouflagecat.tripod.com/for_sale/ (sorry, some of them are dark) Some of the pics are labeled, but if you can't tell the others ask me.

Small black sequined/beaded piece (for an armband or something) $5 w/shipping

Silver Sandals, sz8 $5

Gold Sandals, sz8 $5

Leather shoes (so you don't have to be barefoot) 6M-fits about sz.6-8 $10

Gold Veil w/squares ~2yds. $5

The other is a French book/audio set (they don't go together but they're the same subject so I put them together). I never used the tapes, and the dictionary was given to me so I don't know how much it was used. $5

The middle Egypt book is more of an informational thing about history $10, the two side books have actual addresses for traveling $5 each.

Yellow/gold silkessence harem pants $5 ship. incl.
Black Chiffon " "
Silver Velvet " "
Copper " "
(I made these, so they're not perfect, but they work)

Gold Leopard dress (chiffon type material)w/overcoat sz. 16 $15 ship. incl.

Linen Leopard dress sz. 12 $10 ship. incl.

Warm colored skirt $5 ship incl.

Red sari style fabric skirt $5 ship. incl.

Papyrus (the three pictured, then 3 more blank ones like the biggest middle one) $10 ship. incl.

Egyptian Blazer w/ matching shirt $5 ship. incl.

White sequin collar $5 ship. incl.