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Hi All,

I don't want to be accused of spamming this group as there is nothing worse than someone coming on and blatantly advertising:naghty: . But I am trying to reach UK Belly Dancers and tell them about a show and workshops that are taking place in Torquay Devon at the end of March. It will be an opportunity to see and learn from some famous Egyptian dancers, such as Tito, Aida Nour and Lubna Emam. There will be workshops in Ghawazee, Baladi and Saidi, Folkloric and Malaya (among many others).

If any of you are in the UK and interested, you can read more at my blog:

Belly Dancing

Opportunities like this rarely come to the UK, especially the SW so I wanted to get the word out. I'm not actually organising, dancing or teaching at the event (I'm simply an enthusiastic pupil with a few Internet and Media skills).

Thanks for your time and patience. I hope to see some of you there.



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Egyptian Moonlight Tour 2007

Hi Zuna,

do not hesitate the post - I was using my all sunday yesterday to try to find info about this tour from the net!! And now I was lucky enough to read your post. Do you know which other places the tour will visit? I understand that the teachers are staying there for more than one event, but which cities?

(goes and picks UK map )

Please give pointers to bigger cities, if the place is not huge, since I am
not from UK citizen, it is not easy for me to locate small cities.

Thanks so much for posting, and sharing the info



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Hi Tuija

I had a flyer for Egyptian Moonlight in Littlehampton on 17th and 18th March. It sounds like the same tour.

Littlehampton is on the South coast - on a map go south from London till you hit the coast at about Brighton, then head west past Worthing and there you are.

Send me a message if you want details.

PS Zuna, there is a UK belly dancers thread somewhere on this forum if you are interested. :D


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Thanks everyone.

Yes, they are going to Littlehampton the week before. You could fly into Gatwick and probably get a train or coach down.

If you can get a flight to Exeter, my teacher says she could arrange a transfer to Torquay for you (a short drive).



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Arabian Night, Bromley, Kent 24 March

Saturday 24th March "Arabian Night" 2007 at The Great Hall Bromley Civic Centre Bromley Kent, BR1 3UH

7.00pm to Midnight, Live Music, professional belly dancers and dinner.

Tickets: £23 Adult -£12 Child (Under 14 Years). For further information or Tickets Please contact Kaz on 01260 277998 or 07811 915174 Please make cheques payable to K.Abbid and send to: 50 Ulswater Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4JQ.


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Egyptian Dance Workshop With Liza Laziza, London 10 March

Direct from Cairo: Liza LaZiza

March 10th The Place Studio 6 3:00pm-5:30pm, £35.00

Please send cheque to:
Asmahan PO Box 18887 London SW7 5FE

The Place: 16 Flaxman Terrace WC1 (Euston Station)
Euston Road at Eversholt Street (off Dukes Road)

For information call: Asmahan 07973 102 433