Unprofessional dancers and how to handle them?


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They actually demanded a list of specific critiques from me because what I had originally said was "too general" and made it seem like I was doing a drive by heckling. To me it made perfect sense, but in a little bit of confusion I acquiesced and sent a (short) list and at the end repeated that I didn't think any of that stuff really mattered, because they had teachers there to critique students specifically and the true issue was people being in professional venues before they were ready and to maybe keep them in student venues until they were. They ended up simply arguing with the list of specific critiques I sent and ignored the point completely ;) That was my "sigh, I give up" moment.
How frustrating for you! Unfortunately, by emailing some specifics you armed them with something in a format they could copy and paste and share with others - which is exactly what happened.

I think I might have countered the request for specifics by raising an eyebrow and saying, "Well, since you're an experienced dancer yourself, I assume you can tell the difference between a student recital and a show featuring experienced professionals. I do think, by the way, it's great to provide students an opportunity to gain performance experience, and I hope the dancers who performed in that show appreciate what a great opportunity you gave them! I know you must have worked really hard to make it a positive experience for all of them. I'm just suggesting it might be better not to promote such a recital to the general public as if it were a professional event."


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I'll keep that in mind for next time ;) I get to work with other artists every day and they're all so professional and grown up and honest that I really was not prepared for the response I got here; I was expecting more of what I'm used to and less angst and "woe is me." I probably made a few communication mistakes but I really love that you all step up and give me your thoughts, feelings, things to mull on, support, and sympathy. Goes a long way to healing the searing scar across my brain from all this drama :rolleyes: LOL.


And yes, DaVid is already incorporated into an event that's being facilitated by a troupe in town who DOES really have incredible standards ;) I'm currently in a quasi-informal troupe with my instructor and another advanced dancer, and we're in the process of getting a small show together; probably won't be for a few months, but we know that if we're going to talk the talk we'd better walk the walk. So we're tiny, but we've started the process, at least, of creating shows and events that we want to see.

Many of the old timers on this forum know who the troupe leader with incredible standards is. It would be a kindness and a service to her to mention her by name. As one of her devoted students I try to see that credit is given where credit is due.